"Western Civilization Is Being Deliberately Destroyed – And Liberty For All Peoples Will Die With It..."

Well, we can't afford blindness anymore. There are tens of thousands of thugs who loathe liberty and love death, and want to annihilate Western civilization

Tony Snow, Former Whitehouse Press Secretary

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What People Are Saying:

The author lays out the case that through a number of calculated deceptions, the enemies of Western civilization are undermining our most basic and hard won liberties. Liberty Violated is as much a historical treatise as it is a condemnation of Leftist subversion and as such deserves a place on every patriot’s bookshelf.

Andrew Marshall Editor, Blurbrain.com

Christopher J. Green takes us through history giving us examples on how liberty is being deliberately destroyed. From the American Civil War, through World War One and the rise of Marxism, to conflicts in the Middle East, the Balkans and Africa, Green identifies the perpetrators and their methods. There is little doubt that individual freedom is at stake but the powers that be don't want you to look behind the curtain and see what's really going on. If you're interested in protecting individual freedom, then I recommend you read "LIBERTY VIOLATED"

Andy Zarowny Editor, RightPundits.com

In this remarkable account, Christopher J Green reveals how the freedoms we take for granted in the West are being eroded before our very eyes. Thoroughly researched and well-written, Liberty Violated is, at times, both shocking and heart-breaking, but if you value your personal freedom and the freedom of your children, it is a book you must read.

K. Johnson Dorset, United Kingdom

What You'll Discover In Liberty Violated...

  • A unique, devastating critique of Multiculturalism exposes the fatal identity flaw hard-wired in the peoples of the West. It also explains how Multiculturalism is erasing the footprints of previous generations whose blood, sweat and tears built Western civilization. Why this forcibly imposed totalitarian ideology is a continuation of a war that started 2000 years ago.
  • An extraordinary analysis illustrates why The US Civil War opened up a Pandora's Box and was the first step on the road to the decline of Western civilization. The catastrophic chain reaction continues to unfold in the United States and it's spread to most other Western nations too.
  • The critical differences between the Judeo-Christian worldview and the Islamic worldview that prove these three great religions are NOT the same. The core tenet of Islam that ALL Muslims believe illustrates why those who claim "Islam is just like all other religions" have got it completely and dangerously wrong. One simple but painful truth the infidels of the West must face sooner rather than later.
  • Exposed: The single root cause of the misunderstood conflict between Israel and "The Palestinians" that no Western politician or journalist would ever dare to state as secretly confirmed by the "Palestinians" themselves. Surprisingly, it has absolutely nothing to do with occupation. How and why the Palestinian cause presents a greater threat to the people of the West than it does to Israel and the vital part this totally bogus cause is playing in the current global jihad.
  • The untold story of the brutal civil war in Yugoslavia and the diabolical betrayal of the West's ally Serbia. Wrongly depicted as the villain of the piece, what came to the doorstep of the Serbs is now knocking on the door of Europe and the United States. Why Bosnia and Kosovo are the canaries in the coal mine and unless the West changes course, it is doomed to share the terrible fate it helped to inflict on the unjustly demonized Serbs.
  • The tragic fall of South Africa and Rhodesia: How and why the international community spun an intricate web of deceptions to falsely portray Africa's two most successful nations as racist oppressors and made them pariahs. A wretched tale of chicanery unfolds and uncovers little-known, hard evidence of heinous crimes against humanity committed during the transition to black rule by the new rulers of the Rainbow Nation. It was all covered up by devious politicians and the duplicitous media and the ramifications continue to blight both nations and the entire West.

About The Author

In his latest book, investigative journalist and author Christopher J. Green exposes seven toxic deceptions deployed against the people of the West that have been and still are eating away the foundations of the greatest civilization ever created. Liberty Violated – Untold Stories of the Seven Deadly Betrayals Breaking Down Western Civilization is a  meticulously researched historical account of the most diabolical betrayals of a people ever committed in history. It lays bare how the people have been repeatedly deceived since the end of the Second World War by successive treacherous governments all guilty of conducting pernicious social experiments that have inflicted untold misery and unnecessary suffering on millions of innocent people.

A book that took ten years and a lot of courage to write, Liberty Violated connects the dots from The US Civil War to forcibly imposed Multiculturalism and unbridled immigration from the third world. The compelling story begins with a unique, devastating critique of Multiculturalism and exposes how it is exploiting a fatal flaw to transform and ultimately destroy Western nations. Bewitched by the false promises of diversity and enrichment, the brainwashed peoples of the West are unwittingly playing an active part in their own downfall, unaware that they have been mercilessly stabbed in the back.

The controversial story continues to unfold and uncovers the deceptions of The US Civil War, Islam, Israel, the brutal war in the former Yugoslavia and the end of apartheid and white colonial rule in South Africa and Rhodesia. In a gripping and often shocking read, the line linking each of these deceptions is clearly drawn and the cunning, ruthless betrayals of innocent human beings are exposed. Additionally, the book reveals how all of these deceptions have eradicated - and continue to eradicate - the precious value of liberty throughout Western civilization.

Liberty Violated is a thought-provoking book that dares to challenge and deconstruct widely-accepted but false, and ultimately dangerous, political and media narratives. The incredible story of betrayal unfolds and builds to a shocking and inevitable conclusion. If you’re worried about Western civilization and what the future holds for you and your family because the precious, hard-won value of freedom is being deliberately stamped-out, then you need to read this controversial book that will change the way you view modern history and the West as it stands today. Click the button below to order your personal copy now via 100% secure server...

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